2018 Season has been a cold one

Baby ramps are starting to poke through. 2018 has been a slow and cold start. We anticipate seeing better numbers but LOW numbers as we have yet another cold front moving in for the weekend. We are praying that our crop in the southern region that has vegetation exposed does not freeze. Keep the prayers coming!

Tracing the cold chain from the field



Our licensed and certified processing system ensures your products are not being washed in someones bathtub or sat in someones garage overnight. Our product is picked in the field, chilled in the field, transported by refrigerated vehicles to our processing warehouse never breaking the cold chain.

Welcome to our new website and blog spot!


This new website is designed to be more interactive. We plan to share some behind the scenes footage and information through out the seasons. Visit our blog spot periodically to stay up to date with whats new in the wild!