A Family Business Dedicated to Humanity

American Delicacy family

American Delicacy is owned and operated by Jake and Elizabeth Putnam, leaders in organic and sustainable farming. Their primary interest is how they can sustainably provide the best foods year after year. All of their products are foraged, hand picked or certified organic. American Delicacy also uses the latest technology to trace, track, map, and process all of their products.

Our Land

American Delicacy has over 5200 acres of land at our fingertips to ensure we can deliver on our product commitments to distributors, wholesalers, restaurants, chefs, and households around the world.

Our Harvesters

We have a diverse group of harvesters that work hand-in-hand to get you these specialties.  

Ever wonder what it would be like to live as a hunter gatherer? These guys know what it’s all about. Most days are magical- despite the rain, snow, snakes, bugs and bears!

Pictured are veteran harvesters James, Markus, Shauntrelle (Rookie), and Terell.

Interested in wild ramps, leeks, morels, or other organic delicacies?

Distributors, wholesalers, and restaurants: we would be happy to discuss the best way to get access to our products!