Wild Delicacies

The products we deliver are born and harvested in the wild, not grown on a traditional farm.

The Environment

A wild onion native to the forests of eastern North America, the ramp emerges with the warming temperatures of early spring, its vibrantly green shoot quickly growing into a broadleaf supported by a crimson stalk, with a bulb just below the ground’s surface that can grow larger than a thumb. The strong, garlicky aroma is ever-present during the ramp’s short season – typically only six weeks – and is but a hint of its flavor, which is most often described as an intensely spicy mixture of green onion and garlic. The remarkable presentation, extreme seasonality, and powerful, versatile flavor set chefs to adjusting their menus and those in the know scouring farmers markets for their batch of ramps every year

“Our ramps are harvested from carefully selected and intensely managed private properties using methods designed specifically to promote the long-term abundance of this delectable-yet-delicate crop.”


Our products grow in difficult terrain where no automation can assist in harvesting the crop.  Everything we deliver is foraged and hand picked by one of our harvesters. From Louisiana to Alaska or from Washington to Newfoundland our harvesting crews hand pick as we did before machines.


We want to provide the best wild products, but would never do so if it endangered the local ecosystem where we harvest. We take great care to analyze the areas we will be picking; this allows us to ensure that there will be minimal disturbance to the environment and the area will be left in a condition that will be conducive to further growth.


After being foraged, all of our harvest will make its way to the American Delicacy farm in Charlotte, Michigan. At our processing plant we wash and review all of the harvested product and sort it for distribution.

Our wild ramps are typically on a truck or plane within 24 hours of picking and at a retail grocery store or restaurant shortly thereafter.


We have commitments with our distributors and wholesalers to get our products into your hands. If you are a distributor or purveyor looking to offer high-end delicacies to your restaurants or grocery stores, please get in touch; we would love to talk about potential opportunities

Interested in wild ramps, leeks, morels, or other organic delicacies?

Distributors, wholesalers, and restaurants: we would be happy to discuss the best way to get access to our products!